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ETHOS™ LEAN encompasses Milestone`s experience in a compact and cost-effective sample preparation solution that meets the requirements of moderately loaded laboratories using microwave digestion. Designed to provide high quality acid digestion in a closed container, ETHOS™ LEAN has reliable hardware made entirely of stainless steel with a corrosion-resistant coating. The system also offers an intuitive user interface with hundreds of built-in methods, advanced control that provides high quality digestion to meet all the needs of your laboratory.


The main features and benefits include:

• Reliable and durable hardware with stainless steel and corrosion resistant coating
- Magnetron with a power of 1000 Watt
- Static diffuser for homogenization of the microwave distribution in the reaction area

• Compact and economical, system size almost half of standard microwave systems
- Volume of the microwave oven - 30L

• User-friendly interface with hundreds of built-in methods
- Built-in library with methods

• Easy and fast control with unique vessel design

• Advanced reaction control for high digestion quality

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